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Almost Last words Spoken by Nathuram godse Banned by Indian Govt. Translation of monologue in English by a fan



I was born in a Brahmin family and that’s why I was attached to Hindu Dharma. After studying the Hindu Dharma deeply, I felt proud to be a Hindu. I have always fought against castism and other such orthodox practices, be it in any religion. Dadabhai, Vivekananda, Gokhle, I have have read them all in depth, but If I have read anybody most deeply, it is Gandhi.

I had learnt only one thing from my childhood, that I am a Hindu, that I have to fight for the improvement of the society. I have to fight for 20 crores… 30 crores Hindus. Congress was fully under control of Gandhi and his motto of “Non-violence”. Any intelligent person could have fallen to the lure of “Non-violence”. But Gandhi was not giving any new concept. Humanity always takes the side of non-violence.
But I can’t agree that violence is a sin. Rama had killed Ravana. Krishna had killed Kansa. There was violence in Mahabharata against atrocities. I have firm belief that they wouldn’t have regretted any of that violence. Even in recent history, Shivaji had fought, to oust Afzal Khan. Guru Gobind Singh, Ranapratap, they all had fought. Everyone was proud. Nobody had done anything wrong.


But no, for Gandhi, violence was a sin. Gandhi had become so enchanted with non-violence that (unwillingly) his stance caused more violence. Gandhi was responsible for all the problems being faced by the country. He alone was responsible. For the last 32 years Gandhi supported Muslims only. I couldn’t tolerate that and hence I decided that he will have to depart. If his wish was not carried out, he used to sit on a fast.

Whole Congress and all of India then had to bend to his wishes. Gandhi believed that Satyagraha could never lose. When to start Satyagraha and when to finish it, this was known to him only. The definition of Satyagraha was also known to nobody but Gandhi. Nobody really understood what Satyagraha was. But nobody went against Gandhi Nobody. Gandhi himself was the judge as well as the court. Gandhi alone was responsible for all the problems being faced by the nation.


Gandhi alone. “Fasting” was an efficient weapon for him, very efficient.
Influence of the Muslim League had grown in spells and bounds from Karachi to Bengal. Millions of Hindus were being slaughtered. Gandhi never sat on a fast for them. Never. But how can I forget that he sat on a fast when a few Hindu refugees had taken shelter in a Delhi Mosque?
Only because they were Hindus seeking refuge in a mosque? Gandhi never sat on a fast for the Hindus. How can i forget that? Gandhi knew that Hindi was our national language, he himself advertised it. The Muslims did not like this and they opposed it. They proposed instead that the national language be called ‘Hindustani’. (laughs sarcastically) But there is no word called ‘Hindustani’ in the Hindi dictionary. But Gandhi accepted that too. Gandhi understood that what he was doing was wrong He was doing wrong to the Hindus repeatedly. I could not be just a bystander to this.
Congress. Congress used to call itself a nationalist party. Muslim League had already brought down the government once and the Congress had understood that formation of Pakistan was inevitable. Jinnah had brought down Congress to its knees. 30th June, 1948 was the day when we were to get independent. Ten months earlier. Ten months earlier. Ten months earlier, on the day of one third of the country was made a foreign land.

I could not tolerate that, simply could not. Sir Lord Viceroy Mountbatten became the greatest Viceroy in the eyes of the Congress. Even though he removed a third of the country, people call him the greatest viceroy. I could not tolerate that either. So this is what Gandhi had achieved in the last thirty years! Divided the country! The decision was signed upon in presence of Nehru. Gandhi was responsible for d I know what I have done. I know that I have destroyed my present.

I understand that I have destroyed my future too. People will abuse me for all eternity. Don’t be sympathetic to me. I have no guilt, no regret because I believe that Gandhi is not the father of my nation. He gave birth to Pakistan. He is the father of Pakistan. Any person, any figure, even Gandhi, can’t be larger than the nation. Can’t be(Shakes his head).
End of monologue.
vision of the country 15th August 1947


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